I love philosophy!  It is gawking at the world in a wonder-struck awe with all is contradictions and oddities.  Such as currently zipping through cosmic space, past galaxies, asteroids and nebula, on a large living rock circling a center of super heated radioactivity; and still spending time worrying about banning yoga balls from government offices because they are just too dangerous for employees to sit on!


David Bohm & Krishnamurti

Pema Chodron

Joseph Campbell

Eckhart Tolle

My Mom introduced me to Eckhart Tolle during my later univesity years.  I remember talking on the phone with her as she would say things like “you are the suchness of the Universe” and “you are perfection on every step of the journey” and “you are not the story in your head”.  Needless to say these kind of metaphysical statements can be difficult to understand coming from a purely logical mind set.

I thank my mom with all my heart for opening up this realm of experience and isness as it has been a joyful journey taking a dip in the exoteric realm of life and death.  Eckhart focus his message on understanding the self, being aware of the present moment, and observing your thoughts from another percpective.  Take a listen!

Alan Watts

Alan Watts is a tremendously grounded philosopher giving a refreshing and entertaining window into the synthesis of eastern and western philosophy.  His particular expertise lies in presenting eastern religion and philosophy to western minds in a playful way.

The joker is a wonderful series of talks about this lost architype in contempoary society.  The “court jester” had a particular role in medival times not just as an entertainer; but as a sage.  They were someone who could show civilization and the rulers their humanity.  He takes this idea of the “joker” and weaves it in with other concepts from the east.

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