Fifty Questions

When we lose the mystery of existence by overly objectifying it life becomes so predictable it’s not worth living.  The following questions do not have correct or absolute answers.  They explore our relationships, nature, the profound, and the mundane without explaination.  Please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

  1. If I believe the best form of government is democratic, why do I believe in a monarchical universe?
  2. Is democracy the best form of government?  Does might make right?
  3. I pickup eggs, milk, and bread on my way home.  Do I see this as a fantastic, tiresome, as my duty, as nothing at all?
  4. When thinking about myself, how do I define “I”?
  5. Do I feel I belong in this world?
  6. Do I have an ultimate and absolute purpose?
  7. Do I have numerous purposes?
  8. Is my existence purposeless?
  9. What in existence is purposeless?
  10. What is more powerful; consciousness or unconsciousness?
  11. Why do I work?
  12. Do I enjoy this thing called “working”?
  13. What is necessary?
  14. What is necessity?
  15. Is need related to cause and effect?
  16. Is cause and effect true all the time?
  17. If there is no past and no future how can cause and effect exist?
  18. Can an effect happen without cause?
  19. What is spontaneous action?
  20. What am I looking forward too?
  21. What do I want?
  22. Does money bring me happiness?
  23. Will more recognition bring me enjoyment?
  24. Will more spirituality bring me better karma?
  25. Where would I rather go; heaven or hell?
  26. What is the difference between looking at something or taking a “hard” look at something?
  27. What does free will mean to me?
  28. What is spiritual development?
  29. Is there a method that can change my consciousness? Is this to improve myself?
  30. Am I a fluke?
  31. Is this random?
  32. Is the universe outside myself intelligent?
  33. Is the sun a form of intelligence?
  34. Is there a method for enlightenment?
  35. Am I a materialist?
  36. Can I control myself?
  37. Is my brain the controller?
  38. Is my heart the controller?
  39. Is my stomach the controller?
  40. Do I breath or am I breathed?
  41. Do I stand in my own way?
  42. Does the past exist? Does the future exist? Does the present exist?
  43. If I could do anything what would it be? Am I doing it? If not, why don’t I?
  44. Where does responsibility begin?
  45. What is my paradigm?
  46. Do I need things to be happy?
  47. Why is there so much sand in the bed?
  48. What is the good reason I do things; what is the real reason?
  49. Where does authority orginate?
  50. What roles do I play?
  51. Why do I enjoy being angry?
  52. Do I live to retire?
  53. Do I work to live, or live to work?
  54. If I lost everything could I be OK?
  55. Can I be OK with being unhappy?
  56. Is existence weird?
  57. Who created the creator?
  58. What is justice?
  59. What is revenge?
  60. What is karma?
  61. How do I know what I know?

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Fifty Questions

  1. my personal foundation is that i learn, this is the fundamental for me, living is learning. If i am learning then the universe has a trajectory, towards a something. from there comes the querry for meaning in the process of learning. great questions! Wendy

  2. I often think of many the same questions, however when I look at a strangers head, I wonder if all these same feelings could be incorporated in that round flesh surrounded by bone. The brain is more amazing than we know. And your poems and philosophy prove that to me. Keep up the good work fellow human.The real question is what happens to all that thought when the heart stops and the brain no longer receives oxygen? Is it only our recorded thoughts that set us apart from a pile of mud?And does the universe really care?I know friends and family care, but for how long? You are a GEM , hopefully there is a place where you go after this life and get all your answers.CHEERS.

  3. Huum – Lots of questions still about work.

    I’m most interested in your answers to 43 and 48. I’m a little sad by 51.

    And my answer to 56 – every day I come across something I describe that way – most of the time that’s good. Like today – I found a list with 61 questions called 50 questions.

    Big hugs to you…

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