The Wiggly World

The world is a wiggly.  It is rocks, trees, lakes, stars, waves.  Shall we try, shall we be straighteners with square and ruler?  We are professional movers with tremendous skill to box.  This goes here, that goes here.  Where do I put myself, where do I position my mind in this bubble wrapped world?  I used to be a student when I was young.  I knew myself and what to do, directed by the history of all those learners who came before.  All those people so long ago were whispering in my ear, “you are so lucky to be here, to have a system that teaches you how to read, write, count, and sit still for long periods of time”.   The unseen momentum, like a train whizzing down some dark track, pushes and pulls us in directions we can vaguely distinguish.  Is it me who gets angry when the dishes aren’t done, or is that my Dad?  Maybe it’s my long deceased relative longing to escape from the mud.  What is me?  It is the man you see in front of you, but can you see the rest that is hidden from the eye.

How can we square this reality which is hyperbolic, it is an infinite regression of time, space, and energy.  How many times can we split things?  We take an apple and cut it in half for a bit to eat.  Our teeth take hold and divide it further for a tasty treat.  We can to the atom, we split that can get the proton, electron, and neutron.  Split that and get quarks and the search for the Highs Boson.  If we find that will we understand the absolute workings of the mechanically understood universe?

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