Buddhism in Nepal

Siddhārtha Gautama (The Buddha) was thought to be born Lumbini Nepal.  As the founder of Buddhism he taught “The Middle Way”, a place between sensual indulgences and extreme asceticism.  A Buddha is human, and there are many types of Buddhas.  Each type have specific characteristics; but one of the most important is that of compassion.


This is a picture from the top of Nagarjun mountain (hill) (2050m), Nepali’s consider anything below 3000m a hill.  It shows several Buddhist monks chanting sutras.  We talked with the monks afterwards and one of them was a teacher from Bhutan, a small Monarchical country just east of Nepal.  He was curious how prevelant Buddhism was in the west.  We talked about Buddhism, the human mind, western materialism, pollution in Kathmandu and other things.

100_2283Buddhism explores the human mind, it is an understanding that we are much more than the thoughts that travel through our neural synapses.  One of the purposes of meditation is to become aware of your thoughts and how they move through the mind.  Taking on one form, then changing to something else; sometimes practical sometimes neurotic, sometimes scary.  Outside of thought their is a great experience which everyone feels at some point; this is one purpose of meditation: no-thought.

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