Food. Or, Reasons I will overstay my Thai Visa

I never really had a deep desire to go to Thailand, but now that we’re here I wish we had more time, and maybe more money.  I could have stayed in Bangkok for a week, doing nothing but eating.  I understand why insane numbers of people travel here, not only is it warm and beautiful, with beautiful people, but also the deliciousness of street vendor food is, like, I don’t even know, heaven.  The flavors are so fresh and aromatic, with a huge diversity of dishes…totally different from Nepal, where the daily dahl baat is hearty, but can get tiresome, and where deep frying is the norm because having a stove with an oven is uncommon and fuel is dear.

Thailand tastes like coconut milk, chillies, lime, Thai basil, fish, seafood, salt, sugar, barbeque meat, young mango, green onions, cilantro, pineapple, sweet fatty gristle,  rich light broth, noodles, rice.







2 thoughts on “Food. Or, Reasons I will overstay my Thai Visa

  1. Hi Brooke! It’s so nice to share bits of the adventure with you and Bronywn. I am inspired…maybe next year. People miss you here for sure, but at the same time are of course delighted for you. [I like the poetry and pictures!] Good wishes for safe travels and even more adventures to you both! Merry Christmas, lovely peeps. Maureen

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