Flying half way around the world

Bronwyn and I started are trip from Pearson International Airport fifteen hours ago.  We are currently at Hamad international airport in Qatar on a six hour layover waiting for our last connecting flight to Kathmandu.   Our first flight was to Chicago via a small Embraer EMB 190.  Easy!  Only took us two hours.  Our layover at Chicago O’Hare international airport was a short hour and a half.  Off the plane, a quick bite to eat and we were on the big boy; the Boeing 777-300ER. This is that type of plane with two walk ways and nine seats per row.  This is our longest flight totaling thirteen hours in the air traveling from Chicago to Doha, Qatar.  I was impressed with the service, value, and logistics of this whole operation.  11472 km of distance covered, a dinner with wine, warm egg breakfast, snacks, drinks, and on demand movies.  Nice job Qatar airways!  Given our flight was just over $1000; and our total distance traveled once we reach Kathmandu will be close to 15000 km; we are getting a price of 7 cents / km!


Will check back in when we arrive in Nepal.

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