Am I

Am I…?
Am I… this moving body?
Am I… this wandering mind?
Am I… these flowing thoughts?
Am I… the watching awareness of these flowing thoughts?
Am I… the observing awareness of this watching awareness?
Am I… the humble food nurishing this moving body?
Am I… the fresh air filling these absorbing lungs?
Am I… the warming sun on this delicate skin?
Am I… the accepting water running through this celled lattice?
Am I… the rugged earth supporting this moving body?
Am I… the multiplying bacteria digesting this humble food?
Am I… this unconscious heart, beating, pumping this blood?
Am I… the insatiable desire between man and woman?
Am I… the searching sperm and the welcoming egg?
Am I… the complex DNA structuring this wonderous form?
Am I… the building nucleotides forming this complex DNA?
Am I… the natural laws governing this universal energy?
Am I… this universal energy governing these natural laws?
Am I… more or am I less?

By Brooke


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