Commerce of Asia

In Asia there’s a shop selling clothes
There’s also a shop for safes
There’s an ice cream shop
There’s a shop for worshopping
There are ice cream vendors
And ladies with coolers selling beer
There’s a computer shop
And a shop full of fish and meet
There are vegetable stalls and fruit stalls
Merchants selling baloons walking down the road
Tuk tuk drivers abound
There’s a flower shop
And a six year old boy selling books from his neck basket
There are watch shops
Chinese festival shops with gold glitering good

The shops that sell just cigerettes
The barber shop around the corner
There are vendors selling sun glasses from suitcases
Shops for incense and prayer candles
The bigger fancier shops for scooters and cars
Tourist shops wth elephant pants and scarfs
Special boutiques with western prices
And grity greesy mechanic shops fixing engines
Banks with sterile modern buildings
Vegtables carts with speakers blaring the good being sold
There are noodle corner shops with napkins littered all around
Street side coal barbeques with scewered pork

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