Neither here, nor there

Neither here, nor there, nor anywhere,
Clouds drift across arcadian skies
Wind softening, tranquil, at ease
Rude rocks, beaten ground tossed

Memories of ardor spark
Time stained thew powering
Nature moves nothing
Seek only sense soaked memories

Discernment of this atop that
Without this, without that
Without that, without this
If this then that, then this beneath that

Mindful tapestries play hide and seek
Those seen and those forgotten
Forgetting myself, forgetting yourself
We seldom see that which we cannot

Neither here, nor there, nor anywhere,
It remains, you remain, I remain
Timeless, ageless, ancient nothingness
Always here, I remember…

By Brooke

One thought on “Neither here, nor there

  1. I woke up at 5am this morning thinking about a line that hurt a bit when I read it. … I wrote a poem to help me express that feeling.

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