The Shoe Shiner

The working man;
The man of character;
A humble and honest man;
The Shoe Shiner

He wares a dark gray touque, crooked
A beige long sleeved sweater
His shoes are white, his socks black
The look in his face, what is it?

Working the streets of Hanoi
Shinning shoes, mending boots, changing souls
Those who can look him in the eye will see their reflection
And give him business

Once he has a shoe, a¬†woman’s stinky red shiny loafer,
He sits on his tiny red plastic stool
On the corner of a busy intersection
And gives his work

He holds it up to the light
Wearing one fingerless purple cotton glove
Examines with intense care; carefully
And readies his tools

Oh all the tools he carries, how exquisite!
Glue, thread, pokers, a cookie tin,
Cloth, soap, paint brush, scrubber, polish, scissors

He pours the 15ml of left over soap carefully back into his bottle

A scooter knocks into him
Spilling their bucket of dirty dishes and chopsticks on him

By Brooke


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